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Handy components

instantly insert useful components in figma with auto layout

There are components, that are to laborious to make each time for a new project, yet they are so frequently used. Handy Components will solve this for you by giving you a library of useful UI pieces with auto layout, intelligent main/instance components and mimicking file styles

Illustration of components, available in the plugin

handy compo-

1 person working on the design featuring this asset - Personal License.

2+ people - Team License

Figma plugin to instantly drop components with auto layout on your canvas

comes for

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Header of the plugin UIComponent tiles in the plugin UI

tons of components are a click away from your next project

Just click on any of the tiles and a figma component will instantly be put on your canvas. Choose between a button, tab bar, paginaton, form or any other component in there.

Some of the components support variants in Figma and all of them can be created as, well, components




available for free

Mimic styles

Mimic styles toggle illustration

Intelligent code will look through your design file and guess on what the component should look like


Create as component toggle illustration

Create plain layers for quick prototyping or toggle for smart component creation

Choose from an extensive list

Typography grid
Typography grid + styles
Button set
Input set
Dashboard card
Segmented control
Tooltip set
Tab bar (3)
Tab bar (4)
Tab bar (5)
Payment form
Checkbox group
Checkbox set
Product card
Radio button group
Radio button set
Feature card
List item
Progress bar
Success toast
Chip set
Warning toast
Attention toast
Toast set
+ constant updates!
Gif demonstration of auto layout

Full auto layout support

Resize it just how you need it