Data Pack

Ready-to-use pack of 19 charts supplied with guides on how to use them properly
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Visual Data Pack is made for

Adobe XD
Data Visualizations
Empty States
Colors in Palette

Don’t Know How to Use Them?

That’s fine. Every chart has a small tip on when it’s most efficient. Just compare it to your needs and that’s it! Sankey Chart for example is best when used to display how quantities are distributed among items between two or more stages

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What You’re Getting in the Product

What You’re Getting in the Product

Here’s a complete list of different charts that you will get if you purchase Visual Data Pack

Line Chart
Area Chart
Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Grouped Bar Chart
Candlestick Chart
Bullet Chart
Pie Chart
Donut Chart
Error State
Funnel Chart
Sankey Chart
Gantt Chart
Waterfall Chart
Scatter Plot
Column/Line Chart
Horizon Chart
Bubble Chart
Radar Diagram
Empty State